Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

My official weigh-in days are Wednesdays. I have wonderful support on this journey from a couple friends, one who happens to be my cousin. They live in a different state as me but we keep in touch and encourage eachother via email. We all give our weigh-in results on Wednesdays. This week I was down 2 lbs. to 194.5 -- Yea!! It felt so good. Just that little bit can be so encouraging and I think what did it for me was cutting out the eating after 8 p.m. That was a hard one for me because I love to have that snack right before bed. It was usually a bowl of cereal. This week I settled for a small glass of milk. I'm proud of myself for that one, it's not easy still.

Today is a pretty rough day for eating. I'm paying attention to my feelings and mood when I want to eat and I'm finding that my biggest struggle is when I'm tired. Today I am exhausted and find myself constantly wanting to put food in my mouth. I need to figure this one out... and I will.

Thank you and Love to R and E, my friends in IN for keeping spirits up and keep on pushing. Also thanks and love to S and L from for always sending words of encouragement. All of you ladies ROCK!!! XOXOXO

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  1. Two pounds is a terrific start! I have had more bad days than good, it seems. I'm just lucky if the numbers on the scale don't go up. Class parties, pastries on the weekends, no willpower.

    You will find a way to live that works for you.