Friday, February 20, 2009

Weigh In Wednesday 2 ... a couple days late

I'm posting this on Friday but these were the numbers on our weekly Wednesday weigh-in. I was up .5 lbs. which I actually considered a small success considering I had family in town for the weekend and the menu when that happens is usually far from healthy. This should not be an excuse. I'm responsible for what I put in my mouth. The Weight Watchers points counting is not going so well. I'm not giving up on it but sometimes I feel like I'm floundering in a sea of weight loss plans, solutions, advice, etc. etc. Which one is the life preserver? That's the one I need, the one that is going to help me save my life but which one is it?

I'm feeling somewhate motivated today (at least more than recent days) so I need to embrace it and focus on that. However, I did do a search online for a Rx weight loss pill I was given many many years ago. I mentioned it in an earlier post and let me tell you, it curbed my appetite great but made me a bit jittery. I could handle that I suppose if i were seeing big results but right now I am nursing my precious baby boy and as badly as I want to lose weight, it's not at the expense of hurting him in any way. I'm ashamed to admit it but for a BRIEF moment, I actually even considered being done nursing just so I could try the Rx again. I quickly put that thought out of my mind.

I wonder if others have all of this up and down conflict and self talk with themselves? Sometimes I think "the hell with is, just be fat". Why can't I be one of those super-motiviated-nothing can stop me-once I set my mind to it-people? And as I type this, my mental talk to myself is "SHUT UP, QUIT WHINING and JUST DO IT ALREADY!!"

On a different note... stay tuned for "What are we giving up for Lent?" and "The Scale". These will be good ones as I can be as wishy washy about what to give up as I can about the diet life preserver. And the scale... that's an animal all it's own.

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