Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Night Time is the Right Time

Why is it soooo much easier to get pumped up and gung ho about exercise and eating right at the very end of the day? The thought of a new day, a new slate, everything is fresh and you have yet to completely screw it up. I think that's my thought process anyway. At the end of each day I seem to find renewed hope in the success of tomorrow. That enthusiasm is rarely as strong when I wake up in the morning wishing I had Chocolate Pop-Tarts in the cabinet but I know better than to buy them.. well, not always but I'm getting much much better with keeping the "evil" out of my house.

My goal now is to keep that attitude throughout the day and tell myself "I CAN do this!" and "I deserve to be strong and healthy!" Taking care of myself is a gift to my family, not selfishness. I think I've just discovered my new mantra.

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