Monday, March 2, 2009

One Month and Counting...

First I will get last weeks "weigh in Wednesday" results out of the way. I was up 2 lbs. because of course I used Lent as an excuse to indulge all week. Not a good excuse but an honest one. I have to get a hold of allowing myself a little bit of my favorites otherwise I would go completely crazy and eat 1/2 gallon of ice cream at one sitting. It's a total control issue of which I often feel I have none. Control. I tell myself "There have been Oreos for a gazillion freakin years, why on earth would they all of a sudden stop making Oreos? There's no need to eat the whole package. No one will take them and even if they did... they make more." There is a psychological issue with all of this I know but heck if I know how to get it all figured out. I'll get there. I have too. I can't fail... again.

The "one month and counting" is the count down for me returning to work after my maternity leave ends. Another reason to kick it into panic mode as I fit into few to none of my pre-baby work clothes. I donated all my maternity clothes to get myself motivated not to rely on them. I'm not pregnant, I should not be wearing maternity clothes. Good thought in theory the time to of elastic waist pants and fuzzy slippers is coming to an end and I need to get it into gear... high gear.

60 lbs total lost is my ultimate goal... I need 10 lbs gone this month to be comfortable in my "big girl clothes". Stay tuned...

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