Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Summer Motivation

It's been a while since I've posted but not for any good reason. I need to get better at it because it is good therapy. Still trying to stay motivated with eating right and exercising, mostly the exercising. And motivation isn't so much the issue, I have plenty of that, it's more making time for it and actually doing it! With summer coming, I have lots of motivation staring me down, least of which is summer itself. I can't say that I wore one pair of shorts last summer and even possibly the summer before that. It could have been 100 freakin' degrees and I wasn't showing these legs for nothing. I'm shooting to change that this summer. Now, with the time that is remaining before hot weather, I'm fully aware that I will not be at my "goal weight" but I would like to be comfortable in shorts that I don't feel like I pryed myself into or give me that upside-down muffin top effect that make my thighs rub together. Lovely picture isn't it?

Additional motiviation... July is my husband's 20 year high school class reunion, August is both my brother-in-laws wedding and a girls weekend, September is my birthday in which every year for the past 7 years I've swore I would be thinner than the year before. I'm working to make this the first year that will actually happen. And late September, early October my hubby and I are planning to have a big shin-dig to have our friends come party with us out in the country and it may be a little vain but the hostess would like to be smokin!

Good or bad, those are current motivations. Now to self "Get Your Ass On That Treadmill!!!"

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  1. we really are separated at birth...I can hear each and every word of this coming from my head too.....and for the record, jim already thinks the hostess is smoking hot and you make muffins look delicious! LOL...love you!!